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  • ​COACHING SESSIONS EVERY WEEK: Live calls with Madeline & top career experts every week. Join as many as you want!
  • ​THE COURSE: Instant access to step-by-step video lessons, tutorials, templates, and guides to help land your next career defining role.
  • THE COMMUNITY: Live support in our private community from Madeline and top professionals just like yourself.
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LinkedIn VIP DAY: Join Madeline for a deep dive group coaching & working session where you will come away with so much done on your LinkedIn profile!

$2,000 value

"I needed help closing out interviews. Madeline's insights allowed me to pinpoint exactly what it was...I landed my dream job as the Director of Corporate Communications."

- Manjul G.

"Within a few months I was able to connect with an amazing position with a ton of possibilities and career growth potential. "

- Al S.

“I knew I needed to pivot to a new industry and looked to Madeline and her strategies to make an effective transition. I now work at a Fortune 500 technology company in a role that I deeply enjoy!"

- Kim H.

"Companies started approaching me, and I received 3 job offers for roles outside of [my] industry without applying online."

- Brandon F.

"The nuances of how to build your experiences and tailor your resume are beyond worth it. In 2 weeks of the program I have made changes I'd been trying to achieve for 6 months!!"

- Kenneth D.

"[Madeline] has changed my life and the way I face this challenge, coming from another country, and not knowing anyone in my field. Now, I feel I can take control of my career, instead of feeling desperate like I need to accept the first thing that comes up.

- Beatriz A.

"[Madeline] expertly changed each [interview] answer and even the way I presented to dramatically improve the delivery. This what made me go from 0 offers to 3."

- Wilson L.

"In the Social Work profession, people don't talk about hiring and nitty gritty materials, because it is seen as a job you’re doing out of the goodness of your heart. But all of these tips and processes were essential to land my two job offers."

- Claire P.

While we provide highest and best level of services as provided in the scope of the agreement, as with any program, Standout Job Search is unable to make promises or guarantees with respect to any outcome from participation in the Standout Job Search program and therefore we cannot and do not guarantee success or any specific level of income or results associated with the services provided. You understand that ultimately you are responsible for your own success in your career and that this program is designed to enhance, supplement, and support your career in your efforts.

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