How to turn interviews into job offers. 
3 Strategies to Become a Job Shopper & Land Offers
Landing the best job opportunity isn't a numbers game . 

It's about how you sell yourself to strategically attract companies and allowing them to sell you on the opportunity. 

Hear about my highly acclaimed Job Shopping strategies: 15 Competence Triggers, Low Volume Job Search, strategic interview training, and GLORY Formula that lands offers.
Feeling exhausted applying to roles, and then landing  interviews, but not offers?

You have what it takes.
You have value to rock the role.


You’re struggling to land the offer, because you don't know the right way to seal the deal.

You need help becoming a Job Shopper. 

 In this free webinar you will see Job Shopping strategies that show you how to attract inbound job opportunities and earn job offers.
What You'll Learn:
  • Why job seekers who try really hard to land interviews still land less than 1 out of 10 interviews for every application
  • ​What folks are doing wrong that makes them hear “no” after a long interview process
  • ​3 simple things that transform a job search to have inbound opportunities and a high ratio of interviews to offers
  • ​The key to discover what target companies really want to hear and will get them to pay you top of their range (without having to get additional education, even if you’re a career changer)
  • ​Why you don’t have to have top schools & companies on your resume (or even have worked in the same industry or role) to get companies competing for you
  • Why ‘keeping your options open’ to different types of roles & industries doesn’t work, and is plaguing your job search
  • The GLORY Formula, 15 Competence Triggers, and other strategies that transform the way you show up online & in interviews
  • ​How Wilson was able to go from having 7 interviews with 3 final interviews and no offers - to implementing these strategies and landing 5 interviews, 3 final interviews, and 3 offers
  • ​The secret to attracting 5-15+ inbound opportunities per month for the rest of your career
  • ​Plus SO MUCH MORE!
Madeline Mann is an HR & Recruiting leader who is known for her award-winning job search YouTube and TikTok Channels, Self Made Millennial, garnering an audience of millions of people.

Mann’s job search coaching programs have led to thousands of success stories, with clients landing jobs at companies such as Netflix, Google, Goldman Sachs, Deloitte, NBC Universal, Amazon, and more.

You may have seen her work  featured on ABC, Bloomberg, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Business Insider, Newsweek, Daily Mail, Wired, the list goes on!