Find the Glory in Your Story to Make that Career-Defining Move
Let's make your next big career move together.


Get live access to me — and my hand-selected experts — every week in this group coaching program to help you make that jump-up-and-down career move!

Standout Job Search is the 90 day bootcamp (with 3 additional months of support) that combines live group coaching, proprietary curriculum, and support & questions answered in the community, .

It’s for successful and ambitious professionals who want to make career LEAPS. 

This high-touch online coaching program is the full end-to-end success system that can't be accessed anywhere else. With weekly live group calls with me and other experts!

This program not only helps you to land your next job, put will put your entire career on a high-powered trajectory.

Graduates of Standout Job Search report:

  • Landing career defining jobs.
  • ​No longer having to pursue companies. Opportunities come to them.
  • ​Getting promoted within their first year of employment.
  • ​Knowing exactly what they want in their career & how to get it.

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Is this you?

You find the jobs you want are often filled before they barely hit job boards.

You know that you are well qualified for roles, but if your experience isn't a perfect fit, you don't hear back 

Know you have great value, but don't always know the right way to seal the deal to get the offer.
You're not looking to land any old job. You want to land the RIGHT job. 
Here's the thing:

You're a dang catch.
You've gotten your degrees.
You've worked your booty off.
You've had career success.

Your time is too precious to not spend it doing something that completely lights you up.

So let's go all in on upgrading your career, shall we?

Let's get you a job search strategy that gets companies to spend their interviews convincing YOU to join THEM (like it should be, mmk).

It's time to find the glory in your story.

Time for you to make this next career defining move!

"I landed my dream job as the Director of Corporate Communications at an innovative SaaS company."

"I needed help closing out interviews. Madeline's insights allowed me to pinpoint exactly what it was...I landed my dream job as the Director of Corporate Communications at an innovative SaaS company.

- Manjul G.

Brittany switched industries and landed a 42% salary increase!

See you on the inside! »

Here’s What You Really Need
(& NO ONE is Teaching You)
to Land Your Dream Job.

You need the right job search strategy
that’s efficient AND effective, so you can focus your energy on only the opportunities that meet your standards, and
stop wasting your energy on a million disjointed tactics.

You need to stop applying online, and potentially ruining your chances at companies with your subpar resume. You need to instead follow the Find the Glory in Your Story System and have a job search approach that is high value so you start landing interviews and offers regularly.

You need weekly access to expert strategists in every area of interviewing, resumes, personal branding, LinkedIn, networking, and more to guide you. They'll provide tailored advice and answers to all your questions, so you never stay stuck.

• You need support where you can talk to a human when you need guidance, motivation, and direction. Time is of the essence in the job search, so you need help to move quickly.
You get it ALL in the
Standout Job Search Program
How I transformed my insight in HR & Recruiting to help thousands of people land career-defining jobs.
As the Director of Human Resources at a technology company, I worked with all the hiring managers, sifted through hundreds of applications a week, and was passionate about the fact that it was my job to make sure we hired the best match for our team.

Seeing that high volume of resumes, and hearing the feedback from every single interview and application, some very clear trends emerged.
I saw so many people making big, but easily fixable, mistakes in the job application & interview process.

When I looked at the advice out there, it was clear that so many of the people giving advice had never been steeped in the corporate side of the hiring process. That's when I began creating content, and Self Made Millennial was born!

Since launching Self Made Millennial 3 years ago, I have been responsible for landing career-defining roles for thousands of job seekers.

  • Top 5 Career Youtube Channel by Career Karma
  • #2 Career-Focused TikTok channel, second only to Gary Vaynerchuk
  • ​Rare honor of being selected as a LinkedIn Learning Instructor
The job search is constantly changing and evolving, and can guarantee you are getting only the most bleeding edge strategies with this course.

Why am I so dedicated to helping people? 
I found my dream career in Human Resources.
I want to do everything in my power to make sure you feel the same.

Let's land you that next career-defining job that lights you up!
A group coaching program to help you find the glory in your story, become THAT candidate who companies compete for, and make your career-defining move.
  • Get top choice employers to see how utterly fantastic you are
  • ​Make that career move, feel excited to go to work each day, and pass all those good vibes along to your loved ones
  • ​Get job opportunities to come to YOU for the REST of your career

Claudia changed careers after having a 5 year employment gap, and landed 2 offers within 90 days of joining Standout Job Search. 

"I now work at a Fortune 500 technology company in a role that I deeply enjoy!"

I needed to pivot to a new industry and looked to Madeline and her strategies to make an effective transition. I now work at a Fortune 500 technology company in a role that I deeply enjoy!

- Kim H.

"Companies started approaching me, and I received 3 job offers for roles outside of the events industry without applying online."

As the Production Director of an events company, work was halted due to COVID-19.

Madeline's strategies enabled me to see so many new paths for my career and how to rebrand myself to land them. I received 3 job offers for roles outside of the events industry without applying online, and was thrilled to accept an offer to be CMO of an ecommerce company.

-Brandon F.

Every day that goes by is one fewer day you'll spend in your dream job.

Every application sent could compromise your chances of working there if not done right.

Your time is too precious to waste, let's make it count!

When you have everything you need to put the pieces together, you’ll be unstoppable.

You'll attract incredible opportunities, have companies competing for you, and be so fulfilled in your career.


What you'll get:

A 90 Day Bootcamp (with 3 additional months of support) of...


Coaching Sessions Every Week
Live group coaching calls are held every week where Madeline & top experts give you targeted feedback and advice based on your goals and your next steps.

These discussions are topic-focused, including Interview Prep/Mock Interviews, Resume, LinkedIn, Networking, and more. Join as many as you need!
Accountability help to keep you on-task & unstuck
Nothing about SJS is cookie cutter.  Get weekly email check-ins from your Accountability Coach to help you work through the program and land your dream job. Join your Accountability Coach for office hours for additional support when you need it.
Templates, workshops, & resources to make the job search frictionless.
Have exactly the resources you need instantly at your fingertips. 

We’ve designed SJS to be the only career coaching solution you’ll need to buy. Our templates, spreadsheets, tools, and trainings cover everything you need under one roof & is constantly updated, so you stay on the cutting edge of everything that’s happening in the job market.
Get an instant network & place to ask your urgent questions
  • Ask your questions to Madeline & the group as they come up to get exactly what you need to get unstuck
  • Immediately expand your network by joining a supportive community built on helping each other
  • Learn what's working (& not working) for other professionals in various career paths
“The value [Madeline] consistently provides is timely and practical. As a leader, she goes above and beyond to meet needs. She’s an exceptional communicator and her authenticity and passion are tangible. Her coaching calls are priceless!"

- Veronica H.

Anderson switched careers from academia to corporate training, landing a role at his top choice company at an increased salary without applying online.

A preview of the trainings include...
  • ​How to think like a high-value professional
  • ​The 15 competence triggers to be a "High Five Hire"
  • How to utilize the job search tracker to move 5x as fast
  • Align on the exact opportunities you are targeting next
  • ​Undergo a strengths assessment, skill gap analysis, and market demand evaluation
  • ​Come away with your 1-page career vision
Build Your GLORY Resume
  • Identify exactly what your target employers are looking for using my GLORY Formula
  • ​Build out a complete, highly compelling resume in 1 day
  • ​Craft it to be ATS-friendly
"The nuances of how to build your experiences and tailor your resume are beyond worth it. In 2 weeks of the program I have made changes I'd been trying to achieve for 6 months!!"

- Kenneth D.
Cover Letters that Convert
  • The Barney Method cover letter formula
  • ​Example letters which allow you to write your cover letter in under 10 min
"I used the cover letter formula a lot. That was one of the most important parts of telling my story, since I am in a job which is so people and relationship based. Employers would bring up frequently how it stood out to them...and it led to me landing multiple offers."

- Claire P.
Level Up Your LinkedIn
  • Build out your profile with the right keywords and elements to attract opportunities directly to your inbox
  • ​Learn 2 ways to dramatically increase the odds that someone will visit your profile
  • ​Receive a full About section template so you're no longer thinking, "I don't know what to say here!"
"Within 2 days, I have had 3 recruiters message me about roles for consideration. One of them said that he 'came across' my profile on his feed (we're not connections) and thought to message me. I am pumped! My target audience is taking notice!"

-Shantanu K.

Land the Interview
  • Have the exact scripts of what to say to get in contact with the right people
  • ​Know exactly what to say to land the interview even after you've been rejected
  • ​My "back door" approaches to get your resume to rise to the top of the pile
“[Madeline] has changed my life and the way I face this challenge, coming from another country, and not knowing anyone in my field.  Now, I feel I can take control of my career, instead of feeling desperate like I need to accept the first thing that comes up. The process of getting a job is fun!

- Beatriz A.
High Competence Interview
  • 5 sure-fire phrases to use in the interview that show you are high value
  • ​The formula of how to tell the glory of your story
  • ​In depth #ShowDontTell strategy to get companies to see your value and land job offers
  • ​3 completely innovative video interview techniques
"Madeline helped me to bring out the shining moments in my career as an HR professional...I am equipped with the confidence and the knowledge to be better prepared with how to use my experiences to connect with what my employers are looking for in their candidates.”

- Dom V.
Ready to make career defining moves? Let's DO this!

After being passed up for multiple job offers, Wilson joined SJS and landed 3 offers from his next 3 final round interviews.

You're likely emphasizing the wrong things about yourself in the job search. Get expert direction on building your 1 Page Career Vision, utilizing the GLORY Formula, and hitting on the 15 Competence Triggers.
Have everything you need strike quickly and effectively when the perfect job opens up, and better yet, land interviews for opportunities that no one knows are open.

You'll get a high converting LinkedIn profile, Job Search Parkour strategies, 150+ questions to ask in the interview, 100+ #ShowDontTell ideas, 50+ email & messaging templates, and SO much more!
From moment one in the job search, exhibit the 15 competence triggers to land a great offer.

Get expert guidance on EXACTLY what to say to increase your compensation by an average of 25%+.

Get Started NOW

Choose the Standout Job Search plan that’s right for you!

6 Monthly Payments
    Pay in Full

      Here's everything you'll get in Standout Job Search:

      • The complete Find the Glory in Your Story System to make career-defining moves
      • ​Weekly live group coaching Calls
      • ​Support & feedback in the community
      • ​Over 300+ trainings, templates, spreadsheets, & examples for every strategy strategy & tactic you need
      • ​An Instant Rolodex of other high achieving professionals
      • ​Up to 6 months in the program included

      Deidre didn't want to settle and looked for jobs for 9 months. Then within 2 months of joining Standout Job Search she was able to target multiple exciting opportunities and landed an incredible executive role.

      Let's take a look at your options

      Scenario 1:

      You keep trying to put the pieces together on your own,  risk missing out on a dream opportunity, watch months go by without offers, or settle for a mediocre career move that takes years of your life.


      Scenario 2:

      You join Standout Job Search and land a job that lights you up, plays to your values, gives you purpose, and is a major career upgrade.

      “I saw a huge improvement in my resume and interviewing, and landed a job at a unicorn startup."

      - Shelby K.

      Get Started NOW

      Choose the Standout Job Search plan that’s right for you!

      6 Monthly Payments
        BEST VALUE & 13% SAVINGS
        Pay in Full

          Questions? Ask Away

          What does SJS cost?
          We offer a payment plan of six payments of $749, or you can pay in full up front and save 13% at $3,997.

          What’s included?
          SJS includes our membership site, chock full of 300+ resources, weekly live group coaching calls, and support & feedback in the community.

          Who is this program for?
          This program is for skilled professionals looking to make a career defining move. You've had career success and you're ready to make the next job one that you'll love. 

          Who is this program NOT for?
          This is not a "get a job quick" scheme or a last resort. This also isn't a resume writing service or "done for you" service. You'll have to put in the work to see the massive results. This also isn't a one on one coaching program, and have been able to provide SO many more resources at a better rate because of it. This is also not best for professionals outside of USA, Canada, Mexico, due to time zones. 

          How much time should I commit to this program?
          You should plan on spending 1 - 2 hours in coaching a week, and 5 to 15 hours working through the modules and implementing the coaching throughout the week. This completely depends on your goals and needs. The goal isn't to spend more time on your job search, it is about spending quality time. We also help to adjust your goals based on your situation. 

           I’m looking at different options– What makes this program different?
          Standout Job Search is built on a foundation of results and accountability. When the team assessed the market, the gap was clear: courses & resume writers don’t take you to the finish line. They don’t help you overcome obstacles. They don’t offer 360° accountability and support. They don't keep updating and iterating based on the bleeding edge changes in the job market. We offer all of that and take it to the next level. With our accountability program, our panel of career experts, and our 300+ resources, you have everything you need to succeed. And we do mean everything.

          I have a unique job search situation, will this be for me?
          Too much job search advice is generic and your situation is unique, that is why you'll get a custom strategy for your situation. The feedback and coaching will ensure you get the answers for your one of a kind career. 

          Will I have lifetime access to SJS?
          When you enroll, you get 6 months access.
          Life is too short to settle. You ready for this?!
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